Thank you for your interest in SAP SQL Anywhere, developer edition. You have successfully submitted your registration form and will be receiving a copy of this confirmation page to install SAP SQL Anywhere, developer edition. If you do not receive this confirmation within a few minutes from SAP, please call 1-800-SYBASE5 (792.2735) or +1-519-883-6898.

The registration key provided below (and via email) can be used for any of the downloads, regardless of platform. The install packages below contain the localized software in English, German, French, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

SAP SQL Anywhere 16

Your SAP SQL Anywhere 16 software registration key is NEDDE-C688A-6SK04-DEVED-43513The SAP SQL Anywhere 16 software is available for download at:

Windows x86, x64 and Windows Mobile

Linux x86 and x64

Linux for ARM

Mac OS X

Solaris SPARC

Solaris x64

HP-UX Itanium




SAP SQL Anywhere 17

Note: There is no key required to install the SAP SQL Anywhere 17 Developer Edition.

Comment-enabled documentation at SAP DocCommentXChange.

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