The Competitive Hiring Playbook

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As the unemployment rate steadily declines, the job market has become an increasingly candidate-driven market which means the war for talent is heating up as qualified candidates are receiving multiple offers.

And, because we’re in a candidate-driven job market, almost half of job offers that are rejected (44%) are declined in favor of a competing offer from another company.

So, how can a recruiting or human resource professional win the hiring war when it’s tougher than ever? The simple answer is to become more competitive.

This Playbook will help you do just that.

In this Playbook, you'll gain access to critical insights and expertise on how to:

  • Polish your employer brand
  • Sharpen your search with better sourcing and screening skills
  • Create an impressive candidate experience that reflects your organization’s culture and values
  • Shorten the hiring cycle
  • Design irresistible offers

We’ve gathered best practices and insights from top recruiting and hiring experts, along with relevant research and data to provide you this step-by-step guide to competitive hiring.

Whether you’re looking to fill a few positions or hundreds, this Playbook can help you win over the right candidates.

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